IP address is a private IPv4 network address used to configure your router. It is a default IP address used by most of the popular router brands including Netgear and D-Link router manufacturer. default gateway address is familiar to every router users, enabling or setting up LAN-network connection.

Apart from this IP address, we have other two main address like and By pointing this IP addresses on your web browser address bar, you can access the ADSL router panel and can change the settings of your network easily without needing any technical team support.

Accessing the IP address using two devices on the network is strictly prohibited, because it may result in IP address conflict. But you can access the address from two different networks at the same time. It won’t troubles you anytime.

Why you can’t access your IP address?

When you try to connect with the IP address, you should be redirected to the router login panel. If you can’t reach, then check your network connection and try again. Even after checking the connection, you can’t access the panel, then it indicated that is not your router configured IP addresses.

You might have something else rather than this IP. You should check your device for your original IP address. But how? Here is a way that I followed to find my IP address. You can do that too. Go ahead.

How to find your router IP address?

I’m using windows, so I followed these steps to get my default gateway address. If you are one among the Windows user, then proceed.

Go to start menu and select Run function of your window to search the program or folder or document or the internet resources. Type the name as “cmd” to open the Command Prompt Window. Once opened, type “ipconfig” and press enter button. After proceeding this command, you will get every detail about your router with your default gateway address.

By the way, you can also find IP addresses for Linus, Unix, and Macintosh.

First, let me given you the instruction for Unix and Linus, Go to Applications > System Tools > Terminal, then type “ip course”. You will get your default gateway address.

Next, search for Macintosh OS IP address, Go to Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal.app, then type “netstat – nr“. By following this way, you will get your gateway address.

How to login to

Once after gathering the information of your router along with your default gateway address, do the following method.

Now, point your IP address on the web browser address bar and next you will be redirected to the login page. The router admin panel will ask for username and password. If you are aware of that, then enter it nor apply the default username and password of the router as given in the user manual.

By default, every branded router seems to have a default username and passwords (Username: ‘admin’ | Password: ‘admin’) or (Username: ‘admin’ | Password: ‘password’). Try these default username and password, you may get access to your router. If not, then check our list.

What should you do if you forgot your password?

You might have changed the default password of your router or by someone else. Anyhow, you can’t access your router panel now, because of your lost password or forgotten your password. Whatever the reason, you need a solution right?

You can recover your password only if you reset your router device. To do this, you need a needle or compass. Using a needle, hold the reset button for about 30 seconds which is located at the back side of the router.

Once after implementing, your device will get a reboot. This will help the system to erase the changes applied on your router and comebacks to a normal state with the default settings.

Now, you can apply your router’s default password and access your panel without any technical support needed.